1. Exploring Geoscience across the globe

English Original version (39.8MB) written by Chris King.(26th Mar. 2019 Updated / Sept. 2020 corrected)

  1. Activities and Questions(13.5MB) written by Chris King.(11th Nov. 2020)
  2. Teaching Geoethics – Resources for Higher Education (Geoethics Outcomes and Awareness Learning : GOAL) (4th July 2020 Updated)(Download Link / 23.3MB)
  3. The Earth Systems booklet “The Rocks cycle and the Earth System” by Prof. Nir Orion. English version(5MB)
  4. Rocks identification cards(Download link / 512KB)
  5. Blue Planet e-book download PDF:English version from here:
  6. The planet we live on: The beginnings of the Earth Sciences (Basic Books in Science no.6) written by Chris King.(Download link /  16.8MB)
  7. A volume comparing global Earth science education perspectives was published in 2018:

Earth Science Education – Global Perspectives edited by  Roberto Greco and Leslie Almberg (17th Dec 2018 updated) (Download Link / 26.2MB)